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An Introduction to SUD & ORT

This short course introduces general practitioners to the basic concepts of addiction medicine in Australia, i.e., the epidemiology of substance misuse, the effects of common substance misuse the opioid crisis, and the principles of pharmacotherapy.

Mastering Safe Prescribing: Pain Management, Opioids, and Suboxone

Learn safe prescribing practices: managing acute pain, opioid trials, high-dose opioid patients, and diagnosing opioid use disorder. Explore Suboxone prescribing guidelines. This course equips healthcare professionals with vital skills to navigate complex scenarios, ensuring patient safety and effective pain management.

Non-Residential Withdrawal Mastery Course for Professionals

Discover non-residential withdrawal, an essential treatment stream for individuals seeking alcohol and drug recovery. Tailored for practitioners, our nine-module course equips professionals with the expertise needed to support clients effectively. Join us in making a difference in the journey to recovery.

Mastering Victoria's Real-Time Prescription Monitoring: A Comprehensive Guide

When confronted by a red flag in SafeScript clinicians may initially feel overwhelmed. The temptation might be to discharge the patient in question from one's care on the grounds that the patient is too complex.

Unlocking Suboxone Prescription: NSW Practitioners' Ultimate Resource

The context of recent regulatory changes, The OTP application requirements, Patient assessment, A Pharmacotherapy prescription, Suboxone, Long term maintenance

The Pragmatic Approach to Alcohol and Tobacco Misuse.

This video is provided by Meducate to help you understand the basic principles that underly the management of alcohol use disorder and tobacco use disorder.

High Risk Opioid Management

Clinical boundaries – presented by Dr Ferghal Armstrong

High Risk GP Prescribing – presented by Dr Anne Saunders

Transfers - From high dose opioids to pharmacotherapy – presented by Dr Thileepan Naren

An Introduction to Addiction Medicine

Opioid stewardship in the context of pain management.

Alcohol use disorder – assessment diagnosis and management.

Methamphetamine use disorder – assessment diagnosis and management.

Transtheoretical model of change: motivational interviewing and cbt techniques to achieve abstinence.

Addiction +Plus

Addiction Plus is a comprehensive 10 part course designed for health professionals, offering an in-depth exploration of addiction and its various aspects. Accredited for CPD hours, this program equips you with the latest knowledge and practical skills needed to effectively manage and treat addiction, enhancing your professional development and clinical practice.

Long Acting Injectable Buprenorphine

(LAIB) Masterclass

Long-acting Injectable Buprenorphine (LAIB) is a formulation of buprenorphine pharmacotherapy that has the promise to be a true game-changer in the area of Medication-Assisted Treatment of Opioid Dependence.

Transform Your Skills with the Addiction +Plus Ebook Bundle

Unlock the Addiction +Plus Ebook Bundle by Dr. Ferghal Armstrong – 10 essential ebooks for health professionals. Enhance your addiction medicine expertise with expert insights and practical tools

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