High Risk Opioid Management

Meducate, on behalf of Latrobe Community Health Service,
is proud to present a webinar replay.


Dr Ferghal Armstrong (Host)

Dr Ferghal Armstrong (Host)

Dr Ferghal Armstrong (Host)

Dr Ferghal Armstrong (Host)


Clinical boundaries – presented by Dr Ferghal Armstrong

High Risk GP Prescribing – presented by Dr Ann Saunders

Transfers - From high dose opioids to pharmacotherapy – presented by Thileepan Naren



Dr Ferghal Armstrong


Ferghal is an Addiction Medicine specialist, General Practitioner and fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine

Dr Armstrong works in the drug and alcohol clinical advisory service.

He divides his time between addiction medicine and general practice. He has a keen interest in chronic pain and the interface that exists between addiction and chronic pain.

Ferghal is also the CEO of Meducate


Dr Ann Saunders


Dr Anne Saunders graduated from Flinders University in 2004. Having gained significant experience in emergency medicine she gained fellowship in General Practice in 2018. She now works in a busy inner city practice and has developed a special interest in AOD and pain medicine. She is now the co-chair of the Victorian RACGP AOD subcommittee and chair of the national AOD ECHO series.


Dr Thileepan Naren


Dr Thileepan Naren is an Addiction Medicine Registrar based in Melbourne. He has previously spent many years working as a GP in regional Victoria. Dr Naren has an interest in addiction medicine, Aboriginal health, refugee health, military and veteran's health, public health policy and medical governance. He is also the co-chair of the Victorian AOD Committee of the RACGP. Thileepan is a co-host of the Cracking Addiction podcast and is passionate about the education of health practitioners in Addiction Medicine

What You Will Learn

Clinical Boundaries

  • Understand how to perform a risk assessment

  • Understand how to say no

  • Understand issues around self-reflection and clinical boundaries and patient-centred care

High Risk GP Prescribing

  • The context of the Victorian prescription drug crisis

  • Identify high risk prescribing

  • Understand the role of opioids in chronic non-cancer pain


  • How to identify opioid use disorder in patients on high OMEDs

  • How to transfer from full agonist opioids to methadone

  • How to transfer from full agonists to buprenorphine

  • Understand the role of LAIB

Running schedule

Welcome to country and introduction – Dr Ferghal Armstrong

Clinical Boundaries– Dr Ferghal Armstong (20 mins)

High risk GP prescribing – Dr Ann Saunders (20 mins)

Transfers- Dr Thileepan Naren (20 mins)

Q and A session (25 mins)

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