A Comprehensive Resource Bundle for Health Professionals

Dr. Ferghal Armstrong, a Fellow of the Australasian Chapter of Addiction Medicine (FAChAM) and the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM), brings you a comprehensive bundle of 10 ebooks under the Addiction +Plus series. These resources are meticulously crafted to provide health professionals with knowledge and tools to help manage addiction effectively.

10 Essential ebooks by Dr Ferghal Armstrong.
A Leading Specialist in Addiction Medicine

What’s Inside the Bundle?

Book One - Addiction

An in-depth exploration into the multifaceted world of addiction treatment. With over two decades of medical experience, Dr. Armstrong brings a unique perspective that combines clinical expertise with compassionate care.

Harm Reduction:

Learn about practical strategies including opioid substitution therapy and needle exchange programs designed to minimise the risks associated with substance use.

Naloxone Administration:

Equip yourself with essential knowledge on the pharmacodynamics, administration techniques, and community programs for this life-saving medication.

Psychiatric and Physical Comorbidities:

Understand the complex interplay between addiction, mental health, and physical health, with strategies for managing dual diagnoses and chronic conditions.

Social Impacts:

Gain insights into the societal challenges of addiction, including its effects on employment, relationships, and crime, and explore advocacy for effective policy changes.

Compassionate Care:

Embrace the importance of empathy in addiction treatment and the pivotal role health professionals play in guiding patients towards recovery.

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Book Two - Alcohol

Alcohol addiction is a complex and pervasive issue affecting millions of individuals worldwide. This ebook equips healthcare professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to provide high-quality, individualised care for patients struggling with alcohol addiction. It also serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to understand and overcome their own or a loved one's addiction.

This indispensable guide delves into:

The latest statistics and trends in alcohol consumption

Detailed explanations of alcohol's physiological effects and the withdrawal process

Practical strategies for managing withdrawal, both at home and in residential settings

Comprehensive reviews of anti-craving medications and their suitability for different patients

In-depth comparisons of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and SMART Recovery programs

Integration of peer-support groups into holistic addiction treatment plans

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Book Three - Opioids

In the face of an escalating opioid crisis, this ebook is an essential resource for clinicians dedicated to providing safe and effective care. Authored by leading experts in addiction medicine and pain management, this comprehensive guide offers a deep dive into the complexities of opioid use, dependence, and addiction.

Key Features:

Foundational Knowledge:

Gain a thorough understanding of opioid pharmacology, including the distinctions between opiates and opioids, their classifications, and mechanisms of action.

OPQRST Framework:

Discover a practical mnemonic to guide the management of opioid use disorder, ensuring a systematic and patient-centered approach.

Differentiating Dependence and Addiction:

Learn to distinguish between physiological dependence and the broader psychosocial aspects of addiction, with insights informed by DSM-5 and ICD-11 criteria.

Effective Treatments:

Explore the evidence-based benefits of opioid replacement therapy (ORT) with methadone and buprenorphine, supported by real-world case studies.

Addressing Prescription Opioid Use Disorder:

Understand the rise of prescription opioid dependence, effective treatment strategies, and lessons from clinical trials.

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Book Four - Methadone & Suboxone

The opioid crisis continues to challenge healthcare systems worldwide, demanding effective and compassionate responses. "Methadone and Suboxone in Opioid Agonist Therapy" is an essential resource for healthcare professionals committed to making a difference in the lives of individuals struggling with opioid use disorder.

Key Highlights:

In-Depth Methadone Insights:

Explore methadone's pharmacology, induction protocols, and societal benefits.

Comprehensive Suboxone Overview:

Understand Suboxone's pharmacokinetics, clinical applications, and its role in withdrawal management and long-term therapy.

Practical Clinical Guidelines:

Access evidence-based recommendations for dosing, managing drug interactions, and ensuring patient safety.

Societal Impact:

Learn about the broader benefits of opioid agonist therapy, including reduced criminal behavior, improved social functioning, and significant economic savings

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Book Five - Special circumstances in Opioid Use Disorder

"Special Circumstances in OUD" is an essential guide for healthcare professionals managing opioid use disorder (OUD). This comprehensive ebook offers evidence-based strategies to handle unique challenges in opioid substitution therapy (OST), including pregnancy, postpartum care, hepatic and renal impairments, polypharmacy, and acute pain management. Enhance your clinical practice with practical insights and improve patient outcomes.

Key Highlights

Managing OUD in Pregnancy

Principles of effective OST during pregnancy

Screening, stabilisation, and continuous engagement strategies

Best practices for dose adjustments and addressing neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS)

Postpartum Management

Monitoring and dose adjustments postpartum

Safety and benefits of breastfeeding while on ORTComprehensive NAS management strategies

Handling Special Circumstances in OST

Protocols for vomiting after methadone administration

Safe and compassionate care for intoxicated patients

Guidelines for managing methadone and buprenorphine overdoses

Managing Hepatic and Renal Impairments

Adjusting OST in patients with liver issues

Safe use of methadone and buprenorphine in kidney problems

Addressing Polypharmacy and Acute Pain

Safe management of patients on multiple medications

Techniques for providing adequate pain relief while maintaining OST

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Book Six - LAIB

"Long Acting Injectable Buprenorphine (LAIB) for Health Professionals" is an essential guide for clinicians, pharmacists, and healthcare providers involved in the treatment of opioid use disorder. Authored by Dr. Ferghal Armstrong, a highly respected specialist in addiction medicine, this comprehensive ebook offers in-depth insights into the effective implementation of LAIB in clinical practice.

This guide covers:

Introduction to LAIB:

Understanding the fundamentals and benefits of Long Acting Injectable Buprenorphine.

Practical Considerations:

Detailed guidance on patient selection, initial assessment, and managing side effects.

Special Circumstances:

Strategies for managing patients with chronic diseases, pregnant women, and those transitioning from other opioid therapies.

Buvidal and Sublocade:

Comprehensive overviews of these LAIB formulations, including dosing regimens, pharmacokinetics, and patient experiences.

Patient Journey:

Practical tips for managing dosing challenges, handling missed doses, and transitioning between different LAIB formulations.

Expert Tips:

Valuable advice on urine drug screens, managing injection pain, and ensuring patient stability post-LAIB transition.

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Book Seven - Tobacco

Tobacco use continues to be a major public health issue, contributing to millions of deaths worldwide each year. "Understanding Tobacco Use Disorder" is an essential resource for healthcare professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge and enhance their practice in the field of smoking cessation.

This guide covers:

The Societal Impact and Clinical Challenges of Tobacco Use:

Explore the prevalence and health consequences of tobacco use, and understand why addressing smoking cessation is vital.

Effective Smoking Cessation Interventions:

Learn about the latest evidence-based strategies, including behavioral therapies, nicotine replacement therapies, and pharmacotherapies.

Tobacco Use in Special Populations:

Gain insights into the unique challenges and effective approaches for pregnant women and individuals with mental health disorders.

The Benefits and Myths of Vaping:

Examine the role of vaping as a harm reduction tool, and separate fact from fiction regarding its safety and efficacy.

How to Vape to Aid Smoking Cessation:

Get practical advice on different types of vaping devices, e-liquids, and how to guide patients in using vaping as a cessation tool.

The Evidence for Vaping:

Review the current research and understand the controversies and public health implications of vaping.

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Book Eight - Sedatives and Inhalants

In the evolving landscape of substance use and addiction, healthcare professionals face the ongoing challenge of understanding and managing the complexities associated with sedatives and inhalants. This comprehensive ebook, offers a detailed exploration of some of the most commonly misused substances, including benzodiazepines, GHB, gabapentinoids, nitrous oxide, and volatile hydrocarbons and nitrites.

This guide covers:

The intricacies of benzodiazepine use, dependence, and withdrawal

The dual nature of GHB as both a therapeutic agent and a drug of misuse

The rising concerns associated with gabapentinoid misuse and dependence

The neurological and systemic risks of nitrous oxide abuse

The hidden dangers of volatile hydrocarbons and nitrites, and their impact on health

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Book Nine - Stimulants

Unlock the essential knowledge required to navigate the complexities of stimulant use. This comprehensive ebook is an invaluable resource for health professionals dealing with stimulant-related issues.

This guide covers:

In-Depth Exploration:

Gain a thorough understanding of amphetamines, methamphetamine, MDMA (ecstasy), and cocaine, including their pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.

Clinical Insights:

Learn about the acute toxicities, withdrawal management, and the wide-ranging effects of these substances on various organ systems.

Harm Reduction Strategies:

Discover evidence-based techniques for harm reduction and psychosocial interventions to support patients.

Expert Guidance:

Benefit from the extensive experience of Dr. Armstrong, a Fellow of the Australasian Chapter of Addiction Medicine (FAChAM) and the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM).

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Book Ten - Cannabis

Discover the intricate world of cannabis and its profound impact on health.
This comprehensive guide, authored by Dr. Ferghal Armstrong, a renowned specialist in addiction medicine, provides an in-depth exploration of cannabis, its therapeutic potential, and the complexities associated with its use.

Key Features:

Detailed Examination of the Endocannabinoid System:

Understand the role and impact of the ECS on various physiological processes.

Insight into THC and CBD:

Explore the clinical effects, therapeutic benefits, and potential side effects of these prominent cannabinoids.

Managing Cannabis Use Disorder:

Learn about the risk factors, diagnostic criteria, and effective management strategies for CUD.

Cannabis Withdrawal and Relapse Prevention:

Gain practical knowledge on handling withdrawal symptoms and preventing relapse in patients.

Risks and Management of Synthetic Cannabis:

Delve into the dangers of synthetic cannabinoids and how to manage their adverse effects.

Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome:

Understand the diagnosis, treatment options, and patient care strategies for this challenging condition.

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Benefits for Health Professionals

  • Evidence-Based Insights: Grounded in the latest research and clinical guidelines.

  • Practical Tools: Real-world case studies and practical frameworks.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Addresses all major substances and treatment modalities.

  • Expert Guidance: Authored by Dr Ferghal Armstrong, a leading specialist in Addiction Medicine.


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