Cracking Addiction & Lifestyle Matters

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Welcome to MedHeads and lifestyle Matters, where we bring a fresh perspective to today's issues through a biopsychosocial lens. I'm Dr. Ferghal Armstrong, a general practitioner and addiction medicine specialist, and I'm here to tell you that healing goes beyond prescriptions—it's about understanding the complexities of human experience.

In our world, listening is just as vital as any medication. That's why each week, I gather with a team of experts—friends and colleagues—to dive deep into pressing social and psychological topics. Together, we unpack the nuances of our society's challenges and strive to unearth solutions that can truly make a difference in our lives.

Now, let's talk about Cracking Addiction, the show where we delve into the depths of addiction medicine. Join me, Dr. Ferghal Armstrong, as we journey through the science, treatments, and stories behind addiction.

From alcohol to gambling, we leave no stone unturned, exploring how addiction affects individuals, families, and communities alike. With a steadfast commitment to evidence-based insights, we equip you with the knowledge you need to understand addiction fully.

But we're not alone on this journey. Each episode features experts and guests who share their wisdom and experiences, enriching our discussions and broadening our understanding.

So whether you're grappling with addiction or simply curious about this complex topic, Cracking Addiction is your trusted companion. Tune in weekly to stay informed, empowered, and inspired as we work together to break the chains of addiction.

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